Jason Bennett

Jason Bennett has been labeled "The Yodelin' Grandpa" because in some songs he yodels and he has a one year old grandson. His debut EP, released October, 2018 exudes an old school Americana style with Indie Folk elements throughout.

Jason has been performing various genres (including Jazz, Polka, 80s and Thrash Metal) for audiences for over 20 years and is now stepping out with this solo project. He started writing songs thinking he was going to start an original country band, But, after he started recording "...realized this wasn't country at all."

So after asking around and listening to a bunch of playlists he learned he was writing and playing old school Americana. He plays guitar - both lead and rhythm, sings and plays harmonica on the EP. Some say he sounds a bit like Cat Stevens. Some say he sounds like Barenaked Ladies.

Come check him out live solo acoustic where he'll wear a harmonica holder and do some guitar soloing after laying down rhythm with his looper. And yes, he will let out a yodel or two.